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Welcome . This website was developed in 2001 bringing you a first class clairvoyant and medium service. Thanks to our website, you can now connect with the best psychic reading service online that really connects you to your problem situations. With thousands of ways to research psychic readings on the internet, our directory connects you with the best psychics from around the UK and the world. Our mission is to connect you to the best psychics available online. We also provide free articles, psychic tests and free daily horoscopes.

When booking a reading with our live readers, please remember they are here to help and advise you to the best of their ability. There are two ways you can get a reading, 1. Don’t tell the adviser anything and let the reader try and find any problems for you. 2. Ask the adviser to look into the problem situation you have, but not giving away to much information. Our advisers are here to help you and to put you on the right path in life. Remember psychic is just a term for mediums and clairvoyants and many other names such as seer and so on. You can ask your desired reader to communicate with spirits or some other way to connect to you future, such tarot cards or any other divination communications tools. Psychic Directory

Psychic - "of or pertaining to the human soul. Of or pertaining to the living principle in man." The word 'psychic' comes from the Greek "psyche" and pertains to the mind or soul. Commonly the term is used today by people referring to the paranormal, occult or supernatural. Psychics are sensitive to subtle changes within the bio-electric magnetic fields that surround all living things, and are able to fine tune this talent.

The studies of psychic ability have been tested many times, in controlled conditions in many countries over many years. And still to date, no real evidence is shown in the main stream media! Is this simply to cover up information of the abilities we possess? Many times psychics from all over the world have proven themselves to be gifted people with paranormal knowledge from the other side of life. Our own government forces use psychics as a trained tool for gathering information through paranormal means. This is called Remote Viewing, the ability to view distant locations by way of tapping into the matrix signal line. This is not just the armed forces that use psychics, the police use selected psychics to crack crimes, once all other avenues of investigation are exhausted. Many people ask what the difference between a psychic and clairvoyant is! The answer is very simple; clairvoyant is a person who can contact loved ones who’s passed on to the other side. A psychic is someone who can look into future events, such as Nostradamus did with his prophecies he written, also known as a seer.

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Live psychic readings online, by the best psychic online UK advisers. Spirit mediums connect you to loved ones, text our psychic mediums and clairvoyants today. Tarot cards readings and psychic email readings from genuine psychic mediums UK. Our psychic readings are different than most of the online psychic reading websites, because we test our psychics on a regular basis, to make sure you get the best value for your money. All our psychic readings are by genuine, caring and very honest spiritual people. We provide you with real psychics; we don’t use pre-recorded readings like many psychic reading websites. You can be confident you’re in the hand of a real live psychic medium.
We have psychic tests, astrology and psychic online experts from around the UK. We are delighted to offer our psychic readings to you with our own personal touch. We like to think of our psychic website, as a home for psychic advice all over the UK. Our online psychic readings website also features interesting psychic advice and events around the UK. Psychic directory is not just a psychic reading website; we aim to offer everything we can over the next coming months. Please bookmark our website and share with your friends.

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Psychic Directory was created in 2001, to offer a genuine psychic reading services around the UK. Are you looking for a genuine psychic? Look no further than our website.