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The Different Realms of Angels

Angels feature in almost all cultures, each Angel has their own place within the Angel and heavenly realms, and that they actually do depends greatly upon what type of Angel they are. There are nine different types of Angels, and each different one has their own tasks and responsibilities.

Here I will explain the different kinds or Angels and their roles.

Seraphim, the seraphim is the highest of all nine types, the Seraphim’s are the Angels that are closest to God. Then encircle his throne with love and devotion. It is interesting to note that Seraphim’s have yet to be seen by people.

Cherubim’s are the second highest within the Angel realms; Cherubim’s possess a great sense of wisdom and knowledge. Again Cherubim’s have never been seen by people, their role is known as the record keepers, where they keep an eye of what is going on in heaven and keep records.

Thrones are the third highest of the Angel realms, Thrones are counsellors and act as counsellors to the angels in the realm below them, to help aid them in their duties.

Dominions are the fourth in the Angelic realm, Dominions work is to hand jobs over to the angels lower down within the realm. The Dominions also carry out work that the Cherubim’s and Thrones pass to them to complete.

Virtues are the fifth in line in the Angelic realm, Virtues look over nature, and they are what are now known as elementals.

Powers are the sixth in line in the Angelic realm, we have all heard of cosmic ordering, well the Powers are the Angels that oversee the cosmic order and it is their responsibility, they watch over the human race and also protect against dark angels (demons) entering.

Principalities are the seventh in line in the Angelic realm, they have a very important job and that is known as the caretakers. They look over every nation, companies, and the home. Principalities also work with peoples guardian angels when the guardian angel asks them for assistance.

Archangels are the eighth in line to the angelic realm; many people have now heard of Archangels, the role of an Archangel is to help the Principalities, advice the Angels from the ninth realm, and to also help us.

Finally there are Angels, these are ninth in line in the Angelic realm, and it is the Angels that work closest with us, offering us love, protection and guidance. Angels are pure energy; however they can take on different forms and appear in a human form.




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