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'It may surprise you to know but humans are not the only creatures on Earth with psychic powers, animals also have such abilities!' Well that was what someone once said to me, but it is it true! Do animals and in particular your pets at home possess extra sensory perception and other paranormal abilities or is it just instinct and survival techniques on a very basic level.
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It is commonly known that animals can sense danger and will then take action to avoid that danger. Seismic activity is the perfect example of this. There are countless stories of animals acting strangely, becoming agitated and distressed around 24 hours before an earthquake hits. When the tsunami that devastated Indonesia hit, it was noted that there were very few animals amongst the dead, this was because 24 hours before hand the wildlife had all begun to head inland, almost as if they knew of the impending danger. Is this premonition or are animals just more 'seismic sensitive' to changes in the world around them than we humans are?

Researchers believe that animal’s contain a magnetic field that is somehow in tune with the Earth’s magnetic pull. This field also gives them the ability to find their way home, or to richer feeding and better breeding grounds, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Many pets such as dogs and cats are said to have a telepathic link with their owners. It is almost as if they know your every thought and react accordingly to the unspoken word, a form of 'clairsentience' (clear knowing). Guide dogs are a good example of this. Another example is when pets can detect their owners coming home before they even arrive. Is this telepathy or just routine I hear you ask! Well the link is said to be there even when the owners arrive home at irregular times, anecdotal at best but feasible. Especially when you consider an animal’s ability to 'predict' the epileptic seizures, diabetic comas, heart attacks and even impending death of their owners. This could be attributed to the animal’s ability to 'sense' the subtle changes in the owner’s aura or energy field. Animals work on a much more basic primeval level than us humans. Their very design of evolution is centred around their senses, where their next meal is coming from and to be aware of the dangers that face them. They don't have the mind clutter to over shadow their senses and they lack the capability to 'close off' their mind to the things outside of our realm of reality. 

Often wondered why you dog or cat appears to be staring into space? Or growling/hissing at thin air? Is it be-cause they are sensing spirit maybe? It maybe so, it may be that animals have the same ability as humans but the spirits choose to reveal them-selves more readily to them as they are less cautious of a more basic species, a species that wouldn't judge them. It is more likely that animals can see, hear and even smell on a frequency and spectrums that crossover into the world of the paranormal, realms that are occupied by spirit. Realms where 'morphic fields' such as telepathy (the unspoken connection between life forms) and premonition (the technique of fore seeing impending danger) are common place. So it begs the question do animals have the same ability as humans, are they more like we used to be before our materialistic world deemed these abilities to be obsolete, and let them go dormant.

Are animals just more super sensitive and aware of the visual, aural, magnetic and other environmental changes that occur around us or do they indeed possess strange psychic abilities that allows them to tune into brainwaves, see the future and see the spirits of those departed before us. Maybe it’s a combination of science and the spiritual together we will never know. The debate will continue but what we do know is that we should start to listen to and watch animal’s behaviour more closely. Whether it's instinct or evidence of precognitive ability it opens up a world of wonder and may one day save your life!
Claire Lewis


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