Psychic Meanings

Psychic meanings and how to determine what different psychic abilities are all about. Here a just a few basic meanings, to help you get a basic insight into the psychic realms.

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Psychic is a word derived from the Greek word psychikos, that refers to the human mind or psyche. Psychic ability is demonstrated once a person picks up information and knowledge that they wouldn't normally know. The information comes from a source outside of the person's dimension, sight, and sound vibration. The insights and knowledge comes from one source, just like accessing data on a computer. Psychics will put themselves into a meditative state to get the best results for future events, but visions can happen at any given time.



Clairvoyance is often connected with contacting spirits of the dead. As such, it is connected with Spiritualism, which holds the belief that the dead can communicate with the living through a medium. Clairvoyance is sometimes explained as a vision that arises from psychic communication with spirits.



Spiritualism is the science, philosophy and religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World. The birth of the Modern Spiritualist Movement is most widely accepted as having taken place on March 31, 1848, with the events surrounding the Fox family, in New York. In reality, though, Spiritualism is as old as humanity. Spiritualism, in its pure essence, has its roots in ancient religion and spirituality. In effect, Spiritualism represents the alternative to Materialism. Furthermore, it is the basic essence from which all religious thought appeared and continues to appear on this great Earth plane. As such, Spiritualism really belongs to no group, nor to any religious movement or denomination. It is a gift from God, given to all people, of all faiths and denominations.



Divination is the art of using any physical objects to predict someone’s future events. Tarot cards are the most commonly use form of divination tools all over the world. Divination tools can be made from anything you can find around the house and outside. Let’s say you find three pebbles on the beach, and then write a different number on each pebble. Make three circles within a circle in the sand, and give each numbered pebble a meaning, and each circle a meaning. Then ask a friend to throw the pebbles within the circles. Now you can read the meanings of how they have fallen in the circles. Divination is very easy, and very easy to think of your own ideas of tools. Very simple ideas are just as good as any fancy looking tarot card pack you can buy.


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