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Psychic Scientific Explanation

Professors Richard Wiseman and Chris French are constantly appearing on television programmes putting forward the scientific case for oblivion, that the mind and brain are the same. So far no qualified scientists have been allowed to challenge this theory in the United Kingdom before millions of people. Hardly anybody knows that there is another school of scientific thought that is diametrically opposed to the parapsychologists' arguments that death is the end of everything1. Until quite recently it was against the Broadcasting Act to talk about survival after death........ READ MORE

Psychic Warfare

Everyone knows that the US government has long been interested in obtaining a better understanding of the human mind's psychic potentials. The most famous of their endeavors has been "remote viewing," or the attempt to gather strategically significant data through controlled psychic clairvoyance. More recently, it was widely reported that an Air Force report called for $7.5 million to conduct psychic teleportation experiments. The study's author stated that teleportation "is quite real and can be controlled." ......... READ MORE

Psychic Destruction

I would be the last man standing to tell you that there were times I did not loathe and detest the best part of my schooldays. I did not, at first, take well to my second primary school, Ansdell County, torn as I was from my six-year-old compatriot friends at Whitley Bay Junior to find myself pilloried as a witless urchin and castigated as a linguistically indecipherable outsider by a less-homely, unforgiving breed of fist-fighting Lancastrian children..........READ MORE

Mother shipton Propecy

Mother Shipton exhibited prophetic and psychic abilities from an early age. Many feared her and her powers mystical powers, which she always used to help people. She wrote her prophecies about events to come in the form of poems. She lived in the time of Henry VIII of England predicted his victory over France in 1513 --"Battle of the Spurs". She prophesized the Dissolution of the Monasteries. This led to the redistribution of the wealth and land held by the monasteries to the emerging middle class and the existing noble families. ............ ..... READ MORE

Dead Of 911 Still Speak

Mankind has pondered the existence of an afterlife for millennia. The question has saddled philosophers, spawned religions and started wars. For some relatives of those killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the answer comes not from a theologian or a therapist, but from a 62-year-old New Springville homemaker who says she can contact the dead. ....... READ MORE

Psychic Shield

Most medical doctors are more adept at treating an illness' symptoms than identifying and conquering its root cause. If a patient has strep throat, a doctor will prescribe antibiotics, and the symptoms will usually dissipate. But it is unlikely that the doctor will explore in depth why the person became sick in the first place. The patient might be "cured" of the strep throat, but he is still suffering from a compromised immune system. He had step throat yesterday, and tomorrow he'll have cancer. ........................READ MORE

Smart People See Ghost

"Believe it or not," Robert Roy Britt writes in the January 20, 2006 issue of LiveScience, "according to a new study higher education is linked to a greater tendency to believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena." Even though researchers Bryan Farha at Oklahoma City University and Gary Steward of University of Central Oklahoma admitted that they had expectations of finding contrary results, their poll of college students found that seniors and graduate students were more likely to believe in haunted houses, ghosts, telepathy, spirit channeling and other paranormal phenomena than were freshmen.....................READ MORE

Ouija Board Warning

A Serious Word of Caution to Those Who Would Conduct an Experiment with Mass Consciousness and the Ouija Board In spite of warnings, cautions, and protests against such a project, we have learned that within the next couple weeks a national radio program plans to broadcast an experiment with mass consciousness and the Ouija Board. Those conducting the experiment hope to " make a bit of paranormal history!" There will be those of us who will be praying that it is not a history of paranormal close encounters of the most spiritually damaging kind.......................READ MORE

Merlin Prophecies

As Vortegirn, king of the Britons, was sitting upon the bank of the drained pond, the two dragons, one of which was white, the other red, came forth, and ap­proaching one another, began a terrible fight, and cast forth fire with their breath. But the white dragon had the advantage, and made the other fly to the end of the lake. And he, for grief at his flight, renewed the assault upon his pursuer, and forced him to retire. After this battle of the dragons, the king commanded Ambrose Merlin to tell him what it portended. Upon which he, bursting into tears, delivered what his prophetical spirit suggested to him, as follows..............READ MORE



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