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Do you think you have psychic powers? Everyone’s got some psychic power within themselves, you just have to notice its real before you can progress. Have you ever thought of someone, then all of a sudden the telephone rings and it’s the person you were thinking about? Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen for years and then bump into them at the supermarket that day? These kinds of thing happen to everyone at least once a week, but fail to recognise it.

Remember psychic ability is just like a thought, but not a thought. Listen to your thoughts more and you will soon begin to understand how psychic ability really works. Not all your thoughts are messages; you have to decipher what are your own thoughts and what are messages for you or others. If you’re looking for these silly gimmick psychic zener test cards, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t believe in gimmicks, we only believe in helping you to obtain good knowledge of how to develop your psychic ability. Below we will set you some exercises how to bring out your psychic ability and how to take notice of your gift. As we live is a very stressful world with lots of pressures, it’s very hard to keep in this frame of mind all of the time. But what we will do, is help you to gain a better insight.

Psychic Test 1

Get yourself a notepad and pen and every time a thought comes into your mind that doesn’t normally come into your mind, write it down. Please remember these thought messages are just like your own thoughts, but you will soon learn how your thought patterns work. If you think of someone out of the blue write it down, or think of something that’s not a part of your everyday life write it down. Just try this for one week then look at all the thoughts you written down and you will be amazed what you have written.

Psychic Test 2

You can do this exercise anytime day or night, but the best time is late in the evening when everything is very quiet. Please note, to do this exercise you must have eaten something and have a warm comfortable room. Right, now with the test, lay down on your bed or settee and get comfortable. Put your hand on your lap, close your eyes and begin to relax. It’s always best to have a room with very little or no light and noise free. Now you’re in the relaxed mode with your eyes closed, you can now begin to look! With this exercise you don’t look with your eyes, you will only see total darkness with your eyes closed.  Blank the darkness you can see and try to image you have no eyes. Psychic visions don’t come from your eyes; they come from another visual part in your mind called the Pineal Gland (third eye). These visions can be simple images, to full motion scenes. The deeper you relax and try to clear your mind the better these visions will become.

Psychic Test 3

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