Rune Stones

Runes are alphabetical signs first used over 1500 years ago by ancient European people. These signs at one time were used in poetry, stone carvings and to foretell the future by ancient tribes such as the Germans, Celts and Vikings. As Christianity took hold, the use of runic alphabets in divination became reviled as a pagan practice.   The word "rune" comes from the early Anglo-Saxon word meaning secret or mystery. Rune stone signs are a magical symbol, a ritual language to access the voice of an oracle.
The Viking runes or rune stones are used for divination and guidance in day to day life and certain runes would only be used in secrecy, as runes were once classed as black magic, satanic and the involvement with witchcraft. Viking rune stones like tarot cards have become more popular in this age due to none ignorance of the population.




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